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Television Shows

Keep an eye out for our footage in River Monsters (Animal Planet), The Secret Daughter (7) & The Code (ABC).

Aerial Mapping

Our drones were used to create a 3D model of a quarry which gave the client easy volume measurements of their stockpiles.

Real Estate & Developments

We are Real Estate specialists! You will often find our photos in a full page spread in the newspaper both locally and nationally.

Promotional Video

Tourism, Corporate, Weddings or what ever you need. We can supply raw clips or produce a complete video for you.

NDVI Imaging

Using our specialised cameras spot crop strengths (black circle) and problem areas (yellow circles). Help increase yields this season.


Faster, safer and more economical than using scaffolding or manpower. Good for weathered roofing and inaccessible locations.

Television Advertisements

Droner has also been involved in television advertisements, including one for Cairns Regional Council.

Aerial Survey

Created a digital elevation map to help understand the slope of an area of land that is inaccessible due to dense rainforest.

Events - Live Feed

We provided a live feed on a big screen at an event. Both the clients and customers were very interested in the aerial view.

Virtual Reality 360

We can provide 360 tours from the ground and air. Provide a unique viewing experience for your customers for your real estate listing or business.

Our Clients and Media Exposure
Amazing footage! Best drone work I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to work with you again. Megs Walker

Sales Agent, McGrath



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