Drone Services

Television Shows

Keep an eye out for our footage in River Monsters (Animal Planet), The Secret Daughter (7) & The Code (ABC).

Promotional Video

Tourism, Corporate, Weddings or what ever you need. We can supply raw clips or produce a complete video for you.

Tourism Videos

Helping promote Far North Queensland to the world. This video was for a international travel company.

Aerial Mapping

Our drones were used to create a 3D model of a quarry which gave the client easy volume measurements of their stockpiles.

NDVI Imaging

Using our specialised cameras spot crop strengths (black circle) and problem areas (yellow circles). Help increase yields this season.

Aerial Survey

Created a digital elevation map to help understand the slope of an area of land that was inaccessible by car due to dense rainforest.

Real Estate

We are Real Estate specialists! You will often find our photos in a full page spread in the newspaper both locally and nationally.


Faster, safer and more economical than using scaffolding or manpower. Good for weathered roofing and inaccessible locations.

Events - Live Feed

We provided a live feed on a big screen at a client’s event. Both the client and their customers were very interested in the aerial view.

360 Aerial Photos

Provide a unique viewing experience for your real estate listing or business. 360 aerial can be embedded into websites and Facebook.

Virtual Tours

Take a walkthrough tour of your business or real estate listing giving customers an immersive experience.

About Us

Our team is not only qualified and insured as drone operators, we are also commercial pilots. These diverse qualifications enable us the capacity to reach remote locations via charter aircraft. This may assist you in obtaining your specific needs.

Utilising a large range of drones and aircraft we can access anything from a 50 gram micro drone to a 50 tonne Boeing airliner.

Join the following list of clients who have entrusted their drone services to us.

Our experience and ability to innovate has made Droner a leader in this dynamic field.

We utilise Droner’s services as they always produce a high quality product. This is important for our premium properties which get marketed worldwide. Turn-around is always quick and communication prompt which helps meet our client’s needs.

Nicholas Slatyer

Principal, Belle Property, Cairns

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We list all of our stock footage at SkyStock.net.


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